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Hey! I'm Awnry American. Politics is my passion. Christianity and Stoicism are my foundations. Jesus is my rock and Savior. I decided to start blogging and vlogging because I have been watching and now is the time for those watchman to sound the alarm and defend those freedoms granted by God , not government.

"Ezekiel 33: 1-9"

My Red Pill Moment

I woke up around 2005. And I'm talking about really saw the light type of woke up..not the virtue signaling "woke". Not the Che Guevera t-shirt, anti-capitalist capatilizers (as they listen to their podcasts with their Apple Airpods, sipping $7.00 cups of coffee, telling others how the white man oppresses everyone) type of woke. Real enlightenment is what I had found.

I don't believe I would have been red-pilled without college, God, and my parents. The hypocrisy of college and MSM (mainstream media) set the foundation for a documentary to change my life. College didn't brainwash me. I was a stubborn child and stayed stubborn as an adult. My core beliefs were set. In fact, it was a combination of college propaganda (why am I being told about how evil Columbus is during English and how the white man ruined everyone's life in anthropology) and lies by the media that officially made me start asking questions. Their behaviors were not ethical, mainly because the bias and lies were clear and dissenting thought was punished (failing grades). I knew (and still know) there is a right and a wrong. I never lost my belief in moral absolutism, whereas most impressionable youths fall prey to collegiate propaganda pushed through moral relativism. But there are two areas, I've noticed, moral relativists find moral absolution. Those are that the white man is evil and God doesn't exist. But I am digressing a tad, let me get back to my official red pill moment.

It was a hot Kansas summer day...the sun was...nah I'm kidding. It was a hot day though. I was driving in my old faded-white Pontiac firebird. It was a NASCAR pace car and I loved it (thank you mom and dad for such a sweet first ride). For some reason, which I don't recall, the news was talking about Waco, TX. Waco happened from 02-28-1993 to 04-19-1993. It was around 2005 when I was rolling around the town being my youthfully ignorant self (youth and ignorance generally go hand and hand, hence why the democratic party wants to lower the voting age. Most people vote conservative as they age). The news was talking about how David Koresh (and his "cult") were into illegal firearm sales and, potentially, dealing drugs and the government was going to do something about it. By the point I had heard (over the years) David was a legal firearms dealer and then he was and then wasn't. The news, from the start, had been dropping conflicting reports during the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidians compound and forever afterward. The feds ended up raiding the compound (to get the evil leader) and killed most of the residents. When the media told me David was a bad guy, I took it at face value. They are the media, they must know what they are talking about and so they are trustworthy. Even though they conflicted themselves, I went with it because I was taught to believe the news and because of the authority figure complex/effect.

I was on break visiting my parents. I had just pulled up into their driveway after making a food run. The news report about Waco was still sitting in the back of my mind. Somehow, mostly because of God's graces, the Waco Texas topic surfaced. I did not bring it up. Another report must have run on television. My dad asked me what I knew about the situation, not what I was told to know. I got defensive. How dare he question me, I after all, have been in college and I'm not ignorant...I am educated!! He could tell my mind's ability to fully see and comprehend had been stunted from college (what happened to fostering free thought and debate?!?). I could vocalize my opinion but I realized I had no facts. I kept saying things like "well the media said" and "I feel like". My dad basically said "facts don't care about your feelings", lol, and handed me a DVD and said you need to watch this. This film, Waco Rules Of Engagement, rocked my world and broke any chains left restricting my mind to fully explore reality. The documentary is chalked full of video and audio evidence proving our government attacked first, Koresh regularly visited town to trade arms, legally and the government could have arrested him easily before the siege...if they had anything on him. It highlighted how blatantly our government will lie to our faces and use the media to cover up their dirty deeds. Koresh and the other Davidians were self-sustaining and no government, which wants ultimate control, likes that. I encourage you to watch this film. This film exists still today because there are no defamatory statements. The government cannot sue to have it removed for libel/slander/defamation. If they did it would only open an investigation into all officials involved in the murder of innocent American citizens.

"Ezekiel 33: 1-9"

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